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About Us

The Association for Chinese Art History (ACAH) seeks to promote communication and community among scholars of Chinese art and architectural history and the visual cultures of global and diasporic Chinas by providing opportunities for dialogue, promotion of scholarly opportunities and events, and celebration of the achievements of members of our field. ACAH is an affiliate committee of the Association for Asian Studies. Membership is invited from individuals worldwide who have a scholarly interest in the art and architectural history and visual cultures of China and of the Chinese diaspora: faculty, students, museum professionals, art world professionals, and independent scholars. ACAH was established in 2022 with support from the Bei Shan Tang Foundation (北山堂基金). For more information about the history of ACAH, please visit: https://www.asianstudies.org/introducing-the-association-for-chinese-art-history/.

Board of Directors

Michelle C. Wang (Georgetown University)
Amy McNair (University of Kansas)
Kate Lingley (University of Hawai’i-Manoa)
Roberta Wue (University of California-Irvine)
Shellen Wu (Chair, East and Inner Asia Council, AAS; Lehigh University)

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